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Metar gives METAR and TAF information of more than 2000 airports all over the earth, it also computes the Flight rules near the airports. Airports information can be downloaded from the nelix-dev site :


xx stand for the country tag :




afc.txt = Africa center

afs.txt = Africa south

alaska.txt = Aslaska

 ant.txt = Antilles 

as.txt = Austria/Switzland

au.txt = Autralia

asias.txt = Asia south

bnl.txt = Benelux : Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg

br.txt = Brasil

caup.txt = Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

cae.txt = East of Canada

caw.txt = West of Canada

cep.txt = Center Europe

cn.txt = China, Taiwan

el.txt = Egypt, Libya

es.txt = Spain

fr.txt = France

gd.txt = Germany,Denmark

gt.txt = Greece, Turkey

ig.txt = Iceland, Greenland

is.txt : Iran, Arabia

it.txt = Italy

jpk.txt = Japan, Korea

lisj.txt = Lebanon, Israel, Jordan,Syria

mat.txt = Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

mpg.txt = Central America 

nznc.txt = New Zealand, New Caledonia

 pae.txt = Pacific East

 paw.txt = Pacific West 

pe.txt = Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia

pt.txt = Portugal, Acores

rbm.txt = Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova

ru.txt = Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

sc.txt = Scandinavia (norway,sweden,finland)

sca.txt = Solvenia, Croatia, Serbia

uk.txt = United Kingdom, Ireland

use.txt = East of USA

usce.txt = Center East of USA

uscw.txt = Center West of USA

usw.txt = West of USA

vc.txt = Venezuela, Colombia


This application uses the available METAR information to compute the Flight rules :

- VFR : Visual Flight Rules if ceiling is above 3000 feet and visibility better than 8 kilometers.

- mVFR : marginal VFR

- IFR : Instruments Flight Rules

- mIFR : marginal IFR

- no Flight : very bad flight conditions

- no Status : when METAR information is not available.

VFR state is represented on the Flight Rules map by a green pin, a red pin indicates mVFR, IFR, mIFR, and no Flight, a purple pin indicates no available information.


When the network is not available, for example if the Iphone is in plane mode, the information captured is still available. The application keeps last METAR and TAF information on the disk.


The default airports download site can be modified, the user can create its own airports file and use an internet address to made it available to the Metar application.

The airports files must be in ASCII character, one airport per line, each information are separated by one semi colon ";". First field : four capital letters the OACI code, second field the airport name, third is latitude and fourth longitude.

For example :

KLAX;Los angeles international;33.9425;-118.4081;

The airports must be sorted in alphabetic order of the name (second field).



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