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Trail tracker



Trail tracker get and store your location manually or automatically and show the path on a map.

Whenever you are going for a trip, just start the application and get at a defined rate the geographic coordinates : longitude, latitude and altitude. In automatic acquisition, Trail Tracker use iOS4 and iOS5  background capabilities to capture geographic points.The badge on the application widget gives the number on point captured.

Each acquired points can be deleted, just sweep the cell point in the table and press "Delete". 

During or at the end of the trip you can visualise the route on a map and have basic informations such as trip length, duration, average speed, max and min altitude.

The GPS system uses a lot of battery power, so whenever you are going for a long trip it is better to use the manual mode thus acquire only the remarkable points (pass, summit, path turn). To save extra power you can disable the wifi connection, the bluetooth connection. You can also put the phone in the « plane mode ». Each time a new point is needed the plane mode has to be switch off. In plane mode the GPS system is disable.

To get the background map, a network connection must be establish, nevertheless the application works perfectly even if the network connection is unavailable. When the data network is not available, you must be patient, between one or two minutes are needed to get an accurate point.


Save the waypoints, and load then : a file management is provided, so you can keep track of all your trips. To remove a file sweep from left to right and press "Delete"


Send your trip by mail and visualize then with google earth, two file format is included in the mail : GPX and KML.

A new capability has been added, files from a remote web site can be fetched, all the GPX url types are gettable. Use the following URL as an exemple :

This program has been tested with IOS4 and on an Iphone 4. The Iphone GPS is much more accurate than the GPS used in 3G model. The overall performance of the Iphone is about 4 times the 3G, so the application runs more smoothly.


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